Welcome ECLC of NJ Pride Programs to ABCD

Published On: March 16th, 2022Categories: News

We are pleased to welcome ECLC of NJ Pride Programs as a DDA Member of ABCD. Please take a moment and read about the person-centered programs, supports and services they provide to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities

PRIDE is a dynamic, self-directed program, clients choose their schedule of preferred activities from a wide range of options.

The day is divided into one-hour increments, targeting four key areas for habilitation:

Social Appropriateness—Clients experience continual peer-to-peer interaction and participate in group discussions and role-playing activities aimed at nurturing their social skills. These activities are augmented and reinforced through volunteering in the community and field trips.

Independent Living—Clients build a foundation for future success and self-help by practicing daily living skills such as food prep and cooking, music appreciation and money skills and participating in leisure activities, such as karaoke or yoga.

Work Enhancement Skills—All clients are given an opportunity to develop the “soft” skills needed to further their independence, or if interested, in future employment. Clients begin with the basics of understanding what constitutes work; how to communicate on the job; problem solving; advocacy; and more. There are further opportunities for pre-vocational training and supported employment jobs.

Community Participation—Clients are rarely inside the centers all day. Visits to Panera Bread for book club, fitness at the Y, volunteering in the community and other field and walking trips are incorporated into their regular schedule.

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