Subcontracting of Services in the Division of Developmental Disabilities

Published On: January 20th, 2017Categories: Archived Advocacy

Subcontracting of Services in the Division of Developmental Disabilities
January 2017

Currently in the Division of Developmental Disabilities Provider Agreement service providers are not permitted to sub-contract any of the services they have committed to provide.

The Challenge. Growth with Limited Resources

The relationship between New Jersey government and human service nonprofits (HSNP) has evolved. Today, our state faces a daunting challenge to manage the increased services, transparency, accountability and improved outcomes that it is responsible for with decreased resources due to pension and debt obligations. Meanwhile, because the HSNP can’t fill gaps with revenue from other sources since there are not enough philanthropic dollars to do so and remains chronically underfunded by the state, it is often left to focus on “making ends meet.” Both the state and the HSNP value a vibrant human service infrastructure which translates to the fact that non-profits cannot be unprofitable. As a result, HSNP must move away from a “scarcity mentality” (cost cutting and small thinking) to new business models capable of providing true sustainability. In order for HSNP to sustain their business for the long term, there must be growth to:

• Enable it to consistently serve members and fulfill its mission;
• Sustain its culture to help employees thrive; and
• Increase its productivity and improve its services.

How do we achieve these goals of vibrancy, sustainability and profitability? The HSNP must have state partners who support and leaders who find opportunities for growth with limited resources. This is how and why ABCD is requesting the ability of service providers to subcontract physical, occupational and speech language therapy services.

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