Something Good Coming – ABCD’s SCA Secures Advocacy Win

Published On: October 27th, 2021Categories: Advocacy Papers, News

A Support Coordinator’s sole motivation is to the individual’s life-long and ongoing success, ensuring their interests, goals and personality are reflected in the services they receive and the connections they have to their community. The first line of defense 24/7 in the community is the support coordinator. When not mitigating or preventing crisis, they are beside individuals as they poignantly struggle to find their place and to build their lives. The requirement by the state to have a college degree in a related field recognizes that the Support Coordinator is committed to a career in human services and signals that they possess the necessary perseverance and self-direction, management skills and maturity to do the job. But the state’s SC rate did not match the education level that they rightly required.

Until now. ABCD’s SCA has been advocating for a rate increase and came close during FY’22. Not to be deterred, in mid-June they began advocating and meeting with Legislators for the FY’23 Budget. Meanwhile, DDD continued their internal advocacy and were successful in securing a rate increase through March 2024 using additional federal FMAP dollars.

ABCD’s SCA will be ready to advocate in the FY’24 Budget for a continuation of this rate – Support Coordination is too important to do poorly.

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