Sid Blanchard Retires

Published On: April 28th, 2021Categories: News

CAU Founder and ABCD’s First Vice President

 We would like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank Sid for his herculean efforts and sacrifices to create a movement and an agency from ideas to enduring parts of our social contract.  Sid’s advocacy and activism were fearless and profound, his impossible demands proved achievable, his agency’s financial structure once considered curious and misunderstood has become a prototype for non-profit sustainability, and as a founding father of the movement for the civil rights of individuals with IDD, he has paved the way for others to finish the job.

ABCD is deeply honored to have had Sid choose us.

Because Sid believed he could help change the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, he became the vanguard who did.

May his retirement be full of joy, light and peace.

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