Ramps, Instead of Stairs

Published On: September 15th, 2021Categories: Advocacy Papers, News

1115 New Jersey Family Care Comprehensive Demonstration Renewal

The State is required to solicit public input before and after it creates a submission to CMS for renewal of the 1115 Waiver.

In November, ABCD’s recommended the following amendments to the Waiver for the State’s consideration:

• Acknowledge the true diversity of the IDD population by further designing and improving upon the state’s programs and services to help support the segment of our population which has mental illness and mental health related issues so that they may more fully function in their daily lives and in the community.
• Replace the current 15-minute unit billing procedure which is more applicable to medical than community settings with a daily or per diem code which will allow flexibility to provide personalized services and more person-centered care
• Measure outcomes to improve performance of or provide more consumer choice in fiscal management service.
Because none of our recommendations were included in the draft proposal of 9/10/21, ABCD continued to advocate for their inclusion during the September 13 public comment session hosted by the MAAC.

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