Proposed Fiscal Year 2022 Budget: Increased Funding for Individuals and their Providers

Published On: March 2nd, 2021Categories: Advocacy Papers, News

Governor Murphy Proposes $100 Million in Funding for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

and their Providers

ABCD thanks and commends Governor Murphy for the expansion of investment and services to support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in his administration’s Fiscal Year 2022 proposed budget. Despite the global pandemic, Governor Murphy has once again found a way to value the individuals that we serve by remaining steadfast in his determination that we all get through this together. Noteworthy investments include:

  • The annualized and increased wages for our front-line workers which includes supervisors/managers who are handling this unchartered crisis with confidence and steadiness, projecting hope and strength while at times filling in when needed for direct care staff. $41.7 million in State dollars
  • Ensuring that the necessary resources are available during the pandemic to residential providers caring 24/7 for 8000 individuals sheltering in place. $57 million in State dollars
  • Increasing the income limits of the PAAD and Senior Gold prescription drug programs.
  • Funding a Psychiatric Residency Program whose residents will be committed to working with underserved populations.

In addition, we are also very pleased that the:

  • Department of Humans Services is working with CMS to optimize federal dollars for day program service claims, retroactively and prospectively.
  • SNAP benefits have been increased through June. Food security is a very serious issue for people with disabilities and for some of the staff who serve them.
  • Child Care Assistance programs have been extended through the end of the school year which will enable our staff to get to work and not worry about the safety and security of their children.

In the coming months our advocacy with the NJ Legislature will include support of the above investments and their consideration in adding the following items to New Jersey’s FY’22 Budget

  • Structural reform to Day Program rates to include an absence factor as well as chronic absence and nursing factors for individuals who are chronically absent due to their disability. $11.8 million in State dollars
  • Correction to the education misclassification in the Support Coordination rate. $13 million in State dollars.
  • Increase to the Early Intervention provider rate in order to prevent the erosion of therapeutic services to infants and toddlers with developmental delays and disabilities. $15 million in State dollars.

March 1, 2021

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