Our Mission

Our Vision — Our Mission — Our Values

Our Vision

Is for people with complex developmental disabilities to have significant relationships, access to full participation, and inclusive options in their communities with quality supports.

Our Mission

Is to influence the development and implementation of public policy and to support our members in improving the lives of people with complex physical and neurological developmental disabilities so they can achieve their highest level of purpose and dignity.

Our Values

Demonstrate that we are here to serve the best interest of the individuals and their families who do not always have a voice in the policy development process. We are committed to empowering people with complex developmental disabilities through the advancement of beneficial public policy and successful supports.


Achieving Our Mission

Our mission is best reached through a combination of education, information, advocacy, interagency collaboration, and the supports provided by our member agencies and is framed by the following CORE VALUES:

  • Person-Centered Thinking – Persons with complex developmental disabilities will continue to develop personal competencies, gain and maintain satisfying relationships, and have opportunities to fulfill valued roles and live with dignity.
  • Inclusion – Individuals with complex developmental disabilities will be present and fully participate in community life.
  • Choice – Persons with complex developmental disabilities will express preferences and choices in everyday life.

We will continually use our values statement as a means of evaluating our own performance, focusing on revitalizing our commitment to our mission and values.

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