One Tool to Help Address Staffing Crisis

Published On: April 4th, 2022Categories: News

A Report from ABCD’s Human Resource Directors Forum Subcommittee

The sway of the last two years – pandemic, staffing, sheltering in place/PPE, staffing, testing/vaccine hesitancy, staffing, vaccine mandate, staffing- will leave us firmly planted in a nationwide long-term staffing shortage in ours and related industries.

The problem is complex, so the solution or rather multiple solutions must also be complex. Finding stability will be the result of many action plans. One approach for consideration is international hiring.

As a result of meetings with an agency and law firm with first-hand experience, a subcommittee of ABCD’s Human Resource Directors Forum from Matheny, CAU, Allies and Durand recently reported their findings to ABCD leadership and the full HRD Forum. The subcommittee described the 2-year process of providing a labor certificate to people eligible for an immigrant visa preference category to perform full-time unskilled labor requiring less than 2 years training, education, or experience for work in which qualified workers are not available in the US.

ABCD thanks the members of the HRD Forum Subcommittee for familiarizing us with a tool that may help address the staffing crisis facing our agencies.

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