Mutual of America Hand Delivers Donated PPE

Published On: October 22nd, 2020Categories: News

When ABCD Associate Member Tom Moller of Mutual of America said he wanted to support our members with PPE that his company had available for clients, he had enough to contribute to five agencies. Determined to meet the need as much as he could, he went looking and not only found enough PPE to double the original amount so that more members agencies would benefit, but hand delivered it to their front doors.

“In difficult times like these, it has been heartwarming to experience the community support extended to the IDD community. Thank you, Tom, for your generous donation of PPE to Children’s Center Programs,” Laura Walsh, Executive Director.

“The global pandemic has tested us in many ways, including finding PPE to keep both our employees and served individuals safe. We are incredibly grateful to be part of a community that looks out for each other, especially to Tom Moller,” Michele DelCorsano, President and CEO, Our House.

The impact of this support from outside of the immediate IDD and social service community, goes a long way in helping to renew our energy and efforts to manage and reduce the impact of COVID 19 on the people we serve and who serve them. Thank you, Tom, for letting us know in no small way that IDD agencies are not alone.

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