Increasing Reimbursement Rates

Published On: October 31st, 2019Categories: Advocacy Papers, EIPA

The ABCD Early Intervention Provider Association (EIPA) has been in existence since 2006 and has been a tireless advocate for improving the Early Intervention System (EIS) and making recommendations to the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) that foster provider sustainability in a competitive and changing environment.  The thirteen member organizations of ABCD EIPA operate independent of one another and collectively provide services to more than 60% of the total number of children served in the State of New Jersey.  

The provider agencies are reimbursed by NJDOH on a fee-for-service basis for the face-to-face direct services provided to children and their families.  The rates of reimbursement were established as a result of a rate study funded by the NJDOH back in 2002.  During the past 17 years, the rates have increased a cumulative total of 1.78%, whereas the Medicare Economic Index has increased more than 21% for the same period of time. 

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