Dr. Bill Weiss Ed.D, Executive Director of New Jersey Elks Developmental Disabilities Agency Retires

Published On: June 22nd, 2021Categories: News

“No other place I’d rather be. No other job I’d rather be doing.”

After 43 years Bill Weiss has decided to retire, attend Mets games, spend more time with his lovely wife and three daughters. You could not take your eye off the man beaming from ear to ear in every photo taken throughout the decades and displayed at the retirement luncheon. That was Bill and there was no denying how much he loved his job admitting his greatest joy was “the singing from the therapists.” This is where he met his future wife, began an adult day program, and built a new school, making a difference in countless lives. His expertise, grace, steadiness, and unfaltering belief in the importance of the work, carrying forward all those around him.
Because of the pandemic, this year was one of the more challenging for IDD Day programs and NJEDDA was no exception particularly because they specialize in the support and care of individuals with high medical needs. Make no mistake, these were tough times, but because of the good will, respect and love Bill had built through the decades, support swelled and helped carry him and NJEDDA through. Bill left a legacy for those of us at ABCD – we will always fight for those most in need, we will never give up and we will always have hope.

Enjoy your well-deserved retirement, Bill! We will miss you.

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