Day and Residential Programs

Published On: March 7th, 2022Categories: News

Distinct and Linked

Though they have specific functions and roles, DDD day and residential services and supports do not work in isolation. This was plainly evident during the previous closures and current contraction of our day program and services, resulting in more individuals in their homes during the day.

NJ’s economy is bouncing back, according to CNN Business/Moodie’s, Back-To-Normal Index, NJ is at 93%. Compare this to day programs/services for which attendance levels at opened programs during the first half of February 2022 were 57% of their February 2020 pre-Covid levels, according to an ABCD survey of its membership. Individuals are either choosing not to return because of fears surrounding Covid or because of a change in behavior from the prolonged span of the pandemic or cannot return due to staffing shortages. Concurrently, comparing February 2022 to February 2020, an ABCD survey of its membership found group homes have an additional 22% of individuals in their homes during the weekday days who, though they are pre-authorized for day program/services, are choosing not to or cannot attend. In addition, many agencies which provide both services are having to staff residential with day program staff.

The staffing crisis in day programs is creating problems in residential and vice versa. We anticipate that the pandemic will recede, the staffing crisis will not.

There are instances when separating these two-programs is advantageous, especially to enable regulations, rules, and guidelines to be specific, simple, and straightforward. There are also infrequent and everyday realities when it is incumbent on policy makers to synthesize the 2 service sectors for the purpose of creating adequate financial and regulatory plans.

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