Day and Residential Programs: Distinct and Linked March Update

Published On: March 25th, 2022Categories: News

Distinct and Linked. March Update

According to CNN Business/Moodie’s, Back-To-Normal Index for March 16, 2022, NJ is at 92%. According to ABCD’s monthly survey[1], during the first half of March 2022 attendance levels at day programs is 62.47% of the March 2019 pre-Covid levels. Concurrently, comparing March 2022 to March 2019, ABCD’s monthly survey of its membership found group homes have an additional 21.9% of individuals in their homes during the weekday days who, though they are pre-authorized for day program/services, are choosing not to or cannot attend their day program. Many agencies which provide both services continue to staff residential with day program staff.

[1] Participation in the day program survey increased from 27 in February 2022 to 39 in March 2022.

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