An Inequitable New Jersey Part C Early Intervention System

Published On: June 1st, 2020Categories: Advocacy Papers, EIPA

Of the four segments funded under the Part C, Early Intervention System in the State of New Jersey, the 50+ Early Intervention provider agencies have suffered countless funding inequities over the past 18 years and continue to shoulder the financial burden of any and all changes that occur in the system, either by design or through business interruption. The primary funding model established in 2002 transitioned the providers from a grant-based model to a fee-for-service methodology. The other components of the Early Intervention System (New Jersey Department of Health, Part C Office, (4) Regional Intervention Collaboratives, and the 21 Service Coordination Units, continue to be protected from any state-wide design changes or unanticipated economic downturns. Essentially, their funding grants continue in full or have been increased throughout the years, while the provider agencies must dramatically adjust their business models to accommodate system changes and disruptions.

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