ABCD Welcomes Presenters in October

Published On: November 17th, 2021Categories: News

Patrick Boyle, CFO of DDD, and Jose Gonzalez, Director of Contracts at DDD, joined the October meeting of ABCD’s CFO Forum to answer questions on day program deposits, annual audits, ratio reports, ROE reopening requirements, the future of contract-based payments and the January 1, 2022, DSP/Supervisor increases. Some takeaways:

  • Like agencies, DDD is concerned about paybacks and since the supplemental is paid in advance, there will probably be some recoupment.
  • The annual audit sent to DDD Auditing Office does not meet the requirements under Section 14 of the Manuals.
  • DDD uses the ratio as a red flag for DHS to delve deeper in their audit.
  • If an agency conducts their audit on an organizational not programmatic level, they may submit the organizational audit but are recommended to indicate this in their submission.
  • In their experience, forms engender more questions than when there is no form. For this reason, DDD has no plans to create a form for the ratios and related information.
  • DDD is advocating for a FFS payment option for those individuals who are under contract. The problem is, this is controlled by DHS and must be consistent for all divisions.
  • Final ROE must be submitted annually, unless the agency is not operating on fiscal year, then an interim report is required.

Patrick and Jose were certain to acknowledge the great work that agencies have been doing during the pandemic. CFO Forum expressed gratitude for their accessibility, hard work and partnership during the crisis. Thanks to all for a terrific meeting.

Jessica Anastasi and Dennis Cline the Director and Assistant Bureau Chief for the Bureau of Guardianship Services (BGS), respectively, joined the DDA to provide an overview of the bureau and answer questions. BGS is a small but busy agency responsible for going to court and filing a petition for approval for guardianship for persons who are DDD eligible and serving as guardian to people who have no other person in their lives available to take on this responsibility. The individual is BGS’s #1 responsibility. BGS receives referrals from DDD and Support Coordinators and is at present guardian for 2200 individuals. It is important to note that they are the guardian of the person, not of their property or finances and that NJ is one of two states in the nation where the BGS office is the guardian, not the staff. This is important when the staff is unavailable so that emergent issues can be dealt with expeditiously. Though guardians are out in the field every day, the supervisors are in the office and can be contacted; on call service is 24/7 after 5pm and on weekends. BGS does serve individuals between the ages of 18 and 21, even though they are not in the DDD system if their eligibility is completed. BGS staff follow the National Guardianship Standards and Superior Court Guidelines. A very informative presentation.

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