ABCD Welcomes Presenters in November and December

Published On: December 16th, 2022Categories: Advocacy Papers, News

Shannon Voll, DDD State Director of Community Development met with ABCD’s Residential Committee to discuss residential placements for individuals with acute care and crisis needs which includes individuals aging out of CSO – The Support Coordinators are responsible for placement for people who are not in emergent need. Group discussion centered around streamlining the process, improving communications, a request for a centralized electronic referral system to include all searching for residential services., and the current problem of 189 people with extreme challenges who are in urgent need of placement.  Residential Committee members offered to assist the Director in helping to make improvements to the system. Before joining DDD, Shannon worked extensively in DDD residential; her knowledge of this sector of our services and the needs of the people we serve was evident in the thoughtfulness and care she brings to her position.

Dianna Maurone, Administer of the Information and Referral and PASP programs in the Division of Disability Services met with ABCD members from all sectors to provide an overview of and access to the programs and services provided by DDS. DDS is the “First Place to Call for Disability Related Information” connecting callers with live, certified pros who are cross trained in all areas of the service system. All disabilities and all ages are welcome – caregivers and providers too.  Dianne detailed the important programs overseen by DDS which include NJABL, Institutional Diversion Assistance Fund (IDAF pilot program), PASP, NJ WorkAbility, Disability Benefits 101, TBI Fund, and more. Dianne originally began in DHS as a DDD Caseworker and Supervisor, moved to Licensing and now with DDS for 12 years.  Dianne made the review of a list of services and benefits interesting.  We will be inviting her back to present in detail on NJABLE.

From PPMU, Director Wendy Yosco and Provider Liaison, E. Denise Turner-Byfield joined ABCD’s Day Program Committee to discuss the ISP worksheet.  The worksheet came about based on provider concerns that plans were not integrated and did not include the provider’s perspective in the planning process. Director Yosco clarified that the purpose of the ISP worksheet is to initiate, not supplant, conversation. Thus, as CMS recently made clear in a meeting with the state, providers need to be “at the table.”  HCBS, person centered service delivery is embedded in everything that is being done and when PPMU begins their annual audits for CY’23 in January, they will be looking to see how services are being received by the individual and whether they are included in the process.   Director Yosco and her staff have always been an accessible resource and valuable partners to ABCD members. “Invite us back any time!” We thank them for their service, and we certainly will.

Deborah Robinson, Director of OPIA met with members of the QA Forum to answer questions about the NJIRMS system and the CM Review Pilot Process. Director Robinson shared that unfortunately the NJIRMS system cannot upload videos. If providers have videos to submit, they should email and send the video to the person who is assigned to the incident. There are plans for providers to do direct data entry into NJIRMS, but first the State needs to connect this system with iRecord and then will need a staging area so that confidential information is not compromised. This is already being interfaced with Licensing.  In addition, they are working on dashboard notification for any time information is uploaded into NJIRMS. The new Investigation Resource Unit (IRU) is helping many newer providers with process and policy. The Impact Review Team pilot (IRT) consists of 3 staff who review cases with unique challenges.  Rather than relying on an old set of tools, the team has managed to come up with new ideas and interventions which have proved helpful. Director Robinson is very excited that an Office of Prevention will be opening in 2023. ABCD is also excited and pledged its support to provide experts and thought leaders to help improve our system and prevent incidences of abuse, neglect, and exploitation.   As always, we appreciate Director Robinsons, accessibility, partnership, foresight, and care.

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