ABCD Welcomes Presenters in March and April

Published On: April 20th, 2022Categories: News

Making their annual visit with ABCD’s Quality Assurance Directors Forum, OPIA Director, Deborah Robinson and CIMU Director, Keith Joslin discussed the new upgraded UIR Report Form and related questions.  The recent meeting with trade group representatives (Thanks to The Mentor Network for representing ABCD’s QA directors and for participating in the ERMS/iRecord linkage pilot) provided them with useful feedback and, as a result, they are actively considering the creation of a discussion guide, expansion and creation of definitions, how to prevent the overuse of service and the extension of the reporting time frame for some types of incidents. They are hoping to soon have the ERMS system linked with iRecord to decrease error and facilitate reporting. The linkage will also enable providers to see the status of DDD incidents.   Discussion also concerned the appeals process for risk management reporting and that OPIA is currently inviting guardians to agency investigation meetings which has turned out to be very helpful.  Thanks to Directors Robinson and Joslin for taking the time to answer our questions, listen to feedback and help improve the quality of care we provide.

Melissa Moody, Program Operations Manager for the Division of Family Development joined the March meeting of the DDA to inform and update the membership on SNAP, Work First NJ, LIHEAP (Home Energy Assistance) and Child Care Services. Melissa encouraged that, when at all possible, to apply for benefits online. Not only does the State receive the application sooner which has a positive impact on date of eligibility, but the information can be tracked, and documents can be uploaded by the applicant.   New Jersey is now a voluntary SNAP employment and training state. One of the definitions of disabled used in the application is that the person is receiving SSI or some other disability related benefit (state, Veteran).  In a home of no more than 16, which is defined as a small group home for their purposes, the County Board of Social Services may deem that a person with a disability may use their SNAP benefit to pay for meals that are prepared by the home. As the benefits are income based, Melissa explained the role of earned and unearned income, Special Needs Trusts, and NJ ABLE. SNAP and Work First NJ are gateways to energy assistance, employment and training supports and emergency assistance. To access the screening tool for food and cash assistance programs, go to Thanks, Melissa for a complete overview of the important entitlements and programs overseen by DFD.

OPIA Director, Deborah Robinson came back again this time to meet with the Support Coordination Alliance and brought with her the Director of the Office of Risk Management, Lauren Chodack and Director of PPMU, Wendy Yosco. The discussion centered on the difference between human rights violations and psychological abuse, the different jurisdictions of Adult Protect Services and DDD, and a description of the responsibilities of each of the offices. Participants requested that the division consider providing a training on human rights for support coordinators. Finally, all agreed that support coordinators need to know the general outcomes of investigations and discussed how they might secure that information while the  state is works on having this information available in iRecord so that support coordinators can have it when they need it.

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