ABCD Welcomes Guests in March and April

Published On: May 18th, 2021Categories: Advocacy Papers, News

Assemblywoman Lampitt, Assemblywoman Vainieri Huttle, CIMU Supervisor Keith Joslin and CIMU Director Deborah Robinson and OPIA Director, Lauri Woodward Visit ABCD Member Committees.

Assemblywoman Lampitt joined EIPA’s March meeting to discuss strategies to secure a $15 million increase for Early Intervention providers in the FY’22 Budget.  The assemblywoman provided valuable insights and suggestions to the association many of which will be used in our efforts moving forward. EIPA is grateful to have such a constant and loyal friend in the NJ Legislature.

CIMU Director, Deborah Robinson and CIMU Supervisor, Keith Joslin met with Quality Assurance Forum on March 19 to answer questions, explain CIMU process and provide updates on reporting 911 calls, new codes and the summer pilot program which will enable providers to have their own dashboard to review and track incidents. Deborah and Keith anticipate the very near future when all data will be in place and used as a tool in which to support providers’ efforts to prevent incidences. We do to.  They have agreed to be regular visitors at the QA Forum. We appreciate their partnership in order to prevent incidences and harm to the people we serve.

Brian Brennan, Esq. the Administrator for Institutional Support Services in DMAHS and Amit Shah the Manager of DDD’s CCP Program joined the DDA to present on Medicaid CCP Eligibility Issues.  Brian and Amit went into great detail about eligibility including an overview of common pitfalls to avoid, from the individual’s guardian having another bank account and failing to pay cost of care to life insurance policies and burial accounts.   In addition to answering numerous questions, they invited ABCD members to reach out at any time with questions. This will be an annual presentation to the ABCD membership, count on it!

Assemblywoman Vainieri Huttle who is now the Legislative Representative on the State Interagency Coordination Council (SICC), was on board for the April meeting of the EIPA to discuss the SICC, learn more about Early Intervention and some of the recent difficulties encountered by the providers over the last 3 years.  The Assemblywoman expressed commitment to help advance some of the EIPA’s advocacy efforts. The EIPA looks forward to working with the assemblywoman to improve access and quality of EI services to infants, toddlers and their families.

DHS, Office of Program Integrity and Accountability Director, Lauri Woodward joined the quarterly meeting of the HR Forum answering questions about on-boarding, fingerprinting and medical/recreational marijuana.  Lauri took the time to state how proud she is of the work completed by providers this past year — That it was amazing to see everyone pitch in, pull together and collaborate during a circumstance that she has never experienced in her career. Our thanks to Lauri for attending our meeting and for her and OPIA’s accessibility and assistance during the year-long crisis.

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