ABCD Welcomes Executive Director Elizabeth Hill

Published On: October 19th, 2022Categories: News

Division of Deaf and Hard of Hearing

The prevalence of hearing loss for adults with IDD is much higher than for persons in the general population and occurs much earlier in age for adults with IDD than those in the general population. Executive Director Hill introduced the ABCD members to the programs and services provided by the Division which may be of help to the people we serve, and which include:

  • Language and Instructional programs for children 0-5
  • Training Opportunities to help caregivers and family to better work with individuals with hearing issues. Special opportunities are also available for law enforcement and health care departments
  • NJ Hearing Aid Project which provides free refurbished hearing aids for those who are 65 and older with low income and for those on disability. This is important because Medicare does not cover hearing aids.
  • Hearing Aid Assistance for the Aged and Disabled. The recent reimbursement increases from $100 to $500/hearing aid has brought a significant uptick in the level of interest and access.
  • Grace’s Law which requires limited insurance coverage for children’s hearing aids.
  • Children’s Catastrophic Illness Relief fund

If there is a question regarding eligibility, ED Hill encouraged calling or emailing the division which will work with you.

  • Communication Access Resources to help find the best fit
  • Communication Access Grants trough the counties.
  • Equipment Distribution Program which includes amplified and captioned telephones, smoke and CO2 detectors and alerts (visual strobe lights), baby cry alert (flashing light), wireless doorbells and TTY. Though TTY has been replaced by video phones, there are still people in rural areas who rely on land lines.
  • Advocacy (for the Individual) and Referral.

ED Hill answered many questions and continued to encourage members to reach out with any assistance they may need at 609.588.2648 and

Our thanks to the ED Hill and the 7 staff in DDHH for the great work they do to eliminate barriers for people who are deaf or hard of hearing!

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