Egregious Fiscal and Operational Failures By Public Partnerships, LLC Were Predictable

Published On: January 20th, 2020Categories: Archived Advocacy

Egregious Fiscal and Operational Failures By Public Partnerships, LLC Were Predictable

The egregious fiscal and operational failures by Public Partnerships, LLC (“PPL”) in managing two Department of Human Services (“DHS”) programs- the Division of Disability Services’ (“DDS”) Personal Preference Program (“PPP”) (recently transferred to the Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services (DMAHS”)) and the Division of Development Disabilities’ (“DDD”) Self-Directed Services (“SDS”) were predictable because the Department of Treasury, Division of Purchase and Property (“DPP”) awarded the contract to PPL despite the fact that PPL’s proposal did not conform with many requirements of the Request for Proposal (“RFP”). In fact, in its proposal, PPL specifically advised that PPL would not provide certain services.

As a result, individuals are literally being denied life-critical services. Both programs enable persons with physical and intellectual disabilities and seniors to live in the community by selecting and directing the services that they need. For example, participants can hire employees to assist them with activities of daily of living, such as bathing, dressing, eating, transferring (to and from bed and/or chair) and toileting or maintaining continence (control of bladder and bowel functions).

As outlined in Disability Rights New Jersey’s (“DRNJ”) letter of August 20, 2018, to the New Jersey State Comptroller, “PPL has consistently demonstrated that it is not equipped to perform the essential functions for the Medicaid beneficiaries it has been contracted to serve.” DRNJ reported that PPL’s poor performance has caused interruptions in services including incorrect, inconsistent and missing payments for approved services, including payroll, long delays enrolling new participants and unresponsive customer service. Participants are not able to enroll new support personnel, personnel are not being paid, sometimes for weeks, and approved goods and services are not being paid. As a result, workers are resigning so Participants are not receiving services. Participants have also received violation notices of Federal and State labor laws for failing to pay wages to caregivers or payroll withholding to taxing authorities

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