ABCD Honors Keith Kearney

Published On: September 23rd, 2021Categories: News

On September 22, the Board of ABCD paid tribute to Keith Kearney for his significant contributions as ABCD Board President from July 2017- June 2021.  Pictured here are Keith with ABCD Board President, Purna Rodman-Conare, President and CEO of Pillar Care Continuum.  In addition to his steady and thoughtful leadership, Keith steered our alliance through one of its most tumultuous times – the departure of our AED one month before the untimely death of our Executive Director, Dan Keating, followed close on the heels by COVID-19 and staffing shortages like none this industry has ever seen.   While righting the ship and helping the new ED find her “sea legs,” Keith successfully advocated before 30 members of the Administration and NJ Legislature during the FY’22 Budget, ensuring unprecedented increases for day programs and attention to the most fragile of those we serve so that they will continue to have a place in the community, but also long fought for increases in early intervention and attention to the importance and needs of support coordination, services that his organization, UCP of Hudson, does not provide. Keith always put the needs of the whole community first and foremost. And he did it all with grace, calm, intelligence, wisdom, humility, humanity, and humor.

Thank you, Keith, for sharing your gifts and talents with us.

Thank you, Keith, for being the embodiment of what ABCD strives to be.

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