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Sign the Petition to Support a Standard Occupational Classification for DSPs

  ABCD encourages members and interested parties to sign the petition below to support a separate Standard Occupational Classification for Direct Support Professionals (DSP's) within the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Currently, Direct Support Professionals are inaccurately classified in labor reports under other positions, which do not adequately represent the skill requirements of a Direct Support Professional. Without a dedicated SOC for Direct Support Professionals, there are a number of critical ramifications:  
  • Negative Implications for Service Reimbursement Rates 
    When states do not have a SOC for classifying the roles of Direct Support Professionals, they struggle to appropriately set reimbursement rates for services which compensate Direct Support Professionals.
  • Lack of Data for Identifying Workforce Shortages
    Without a SOC, there is no real measure for identifying staffing needs, gaps in services, and risks for cessation of services. Data provided through a SOC will lead to better understanding workforce shortages and developing long-lasting approaches to fixing them.
  • Devaluation of the Workforce
    Despite the fact that a Direct Support Professionals work requires complex skills, thoughtful compassion, diverse care, and deep medical knowledge, there is a failure to identify this position on the scale it deserves. A SOC would create a concrete understanding of both the contributions and the struggles of the workforce.
Join the effort being led by the National Alliance for Direct Support Professional (NADSP) and Executive Director Joe Macbeth who represents DSP's across the nation.
  And, as part of ANCOR’s efforts to engage Congress in proactive policy solutions for IDD providers, ANCOR seeks to improve how the federal government collects wage and occupation information for Direct Service Professionals (DSPs). Specifically, ANCOR wishes to see changes in how the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) collects DSP data for its Occupational Outlook Handbook.”    

Sign the Petition Now!

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