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David Maas

David moved to Closter Intermediary Care Facility at Spectrum for Living more than fifteen years ago. A few years later, David transferred to the Highwood group home wanting to experience a more independent lifestyle.  He attended the Westwood Adult Training Center (ATC) day program, and eventually moved to the Hackensack/Teaneck ATC program. He is an enthusiastic participant in any project at the center. He loves to paint, decorate the bulletin board, and of course listen to music. He is friendly towards his peers, and has many friends. David over the years had used a computer to communicate, and now he uses a language board. He is patient and determined to express his feelings with the communication board, although it may take him a few moments. He retains a wonderful sense of humor, and is quick to laugh with those around him. He is polite and caring in his interactions with everyone. Finally, David is the first to say “thank you”whenever anyone helps him. David has had a long history of struggling with his disability. He has struggled with swallowing food over the years, and most recently a gastronomy tube (g-tube) has been placed in him to help make it easier for him to receive nutrients. All the while, he has been brave, and positive with these changes. David never expresses any negative thoughts at the center, although he can feel “down” at times. Yet in the end, his bright blue eyes always project love and the hope for a better tomorrow.
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