Integrated Housing

[[ABCD’s Comments on the State Rental Assistance Program (S-RAP)]]: This letter was sent to the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) commenting on the proposed new rule for the S-RAP that will be launched in the Spring 2005. (Feb 24, 2005) | PDF

***If you are interested in the S-RAP, please be aware that at this time no applications are being taken for the program as all participates will be selected from the current DCA Section 8 waiting list. If you have any further questions concerning the program please contact DCA’s customer service department at 609-633-6204 or email your questions to their website.***

Housing Terms and Facts: This fact sheet provides important terms and facts concerning the issue of affordable and accessible housing. (Feb 2, 2005) | PDF

NJ State Rental Assistance Program: An analysis of the New Jersey State Rental Assistance Program that is scheduled to be operational in the Spring of 2005. (Sept 22, 2004) | PDF

Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) Testimony: ABCD’s statement concerning the Proposed Third Round Rules released by New Jersey’s Council on Affordable Housing (COAH). (Nov 25, 2003) | PDF

Affordable, Accessible Housing for People with Disabilities in New Jersey: A policy synthesis detailing the need many New Jersey residents with disabilities have for affordable and accessible housing. (July 7, 2003) | PDF