Community-Based Services

Comments on Amendments to the Community Care Waiver (CCW): ABCD’s comments on DDD’s proposed changes to the Community Care Waiver (CCW.) (November 15, 2007) | PDF

Community Care Waiver and Federal Funds: A brief Question and Answer paper that explains the federal Medicaid Home and Community Based Services Waiver for People with Developmental Disabilities in New Jersey (known as the Community Care Waiver). The paper explains how much federal revenues are coming into New Jersey and what efforts are taken to expand Waivers. (July 8, 2005) | PDF

Spread Sheet showing ten year history of federal revenues from Waiver.

Community Integration: Exploring the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Legal Standard: This is a Policy Synthesis of a Center for Health Care Strategies Resource Paper that examines the meaning of community integration in the context of ADA law, regulations, and court decisions. (Aug 16, 2004) | PDF

Developmental Disabilities Medicaid Waiver Funding Testimony: ABCD’s statement in support of Senate bill S2455 before the Senate Health, Human, and Senior Services Committee on June 9, 2005. S2455 is a direct result of years of effort on the part of ABCD and a recent DDD Hearing in March 2005 also before the Senate Health Committee. S2455 directs the Department of Human Services to maximize all federal Medicaid waivers for people with developmental disabilities. It further requires reporting on DDD activities as the Division pursues Medicaid Waivers. (Delivered June 9, 2005) | PDF

Medical Day Care for People with Developmental Disabilities in New Jersey: An analysis of draft proposed regulations on medical day care eligibility and its impact on people with developmental disabilities. This analysis includes a description of medical day care, what the draft proposed eligibility regulations will do, a description of why medical day care is important to people with multiple physical and developmental disabilities, and an explanation of ABCD’s position on the draft proposed regulations. (Feb 26, 2004) | PDF

Supporting Family Caregiving Via the Federal Waiver:  Provides information on how the Home and Community Based Services Waiver (Community Care Waiver) can be used to support family caregiving in New Jersey for people with developmental disabilities. (April 17, 2003) | PDF