Human Resources

Chair: Shared

The Human Resources Committee meets every other month at Spectrum for Living. HR Directors and Coordinators meet to discuss issues directly related to Human Resource management. Policies and procedures are shared, discussed and reviewed. Legislation is presented that impacts the delivery of HR management.

Quality Assurance/Training

Chair: Vacant/Reggie Neal

The QA Committee meets every other month to review issues that pertain to Licensing and to discuss how quality reviews and assurances are conducted among peer organizations. Representatives from this group serve as the ABCD liaisons for the DHS/DDD Quality Assurance Committee.

The Training Committee takes the lead in planning the annual ABCD Conference. Additionally, this group shares best practices and resources. A representative from this group is the ABCD liaison for DHS/DDD’s Training Committee.


Chair: Vacant

Chief financial Officer Forums meet at least four times a year, more frequently if issues require. CFO’s discuss policy and regulatory issues that impact the financial component of the service delivery system. Recommendations are made to ABCD for advocacy and follow up.

Legislative & Policy

Chair: Mercedes Witowsky

The Legislative and Senior Policy Committee meets every other month to review current and proposed legislation, and bills that became law that impact the overall delivery of services to the people served and the operations of the organization. Recommendations on supporting or opposing a bill are discussed and whether testimony should be offered. This group identifies issues and whether a Position papers needs to be written and published by ABCD. This group also identifies areas in which proposed legislation should be considered by the lawmakers.