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CQL- A Provider ‘s Perspective

Opening comments given by NJDDD’s Quality Assurance and Provider Performance Units, Heather Cioccola and Wendy Yasco. Steve Vernikoff presented his team at CFS who make it real— Barbara Greenwald, Nadine Daley, Joanne Cropper

Conversion of CCW to FFS: Pilot Lessons

Representing the first cohort are three ABCD members: CAU, a Board Member; Allies, a DD Alliance Member; and The Arc of Ocean, a Support Coordination Alliance Member.At Thursday’s meeting, the presenters shared “Lessons Learned” to help guide the rest of our members toward understanding what to expect as they prepare for their Fee-for-Service transition. The presenters, part of the first cohort, shared lessons they learned.

CCW Participant Enrollment Agreement
Conversion of CCW to FFS: Pilot Lessons Powerpoint

Panel Presentation for Members Only

Panel Presentation:

Conversion of CCW to FFS: Pilot Lessons
Elise Tretola: CEO, Allies
Laura Williams: Executive Director, The Arc of Ocean
Bernadette Griswold: Associate Director, Community Access Unlimited
What lessons have been learned by the three residential providers who were the initial organizations to be tapped by DDD to make the conversion from CCW contracts to FFS?

Please join us on November 9, 2017

Conference room of ABCD at 1pm

News from NJ DDD: NJ CAT Notifications

The final batch of NJ CAT notification letters has now been distributed. (Notifications for individuals residing in licensed residential settings were distributed to residential providers). Please note that every individual who is eligible to receive and/or currently receiving Division-funded services must complete the NJ CAT (New Jersey Comprehensive Assessment Tool). If you do not receive a notification regarding completion of the NJ CAT, please contact the Supports Program Help Desk (


Tier Assignments
The Division has begun the process of releasing tier assignment information to individuals/families who submitted a request to receive that information. If it has been 30 days or more since you completed the NJ CAT assessment , you may submit a Request for Tier Assignment Form by uploading the completed form to our [DDD] secure online site or sending it via regular postal mail. Please see the form link and submission instructions below.

Please complete and submit the fillable Request for Tier Assignment Form, which is also available on the Fee-for-Service Implementation page of the Division’s website.

Submit Online (preferred method): Submit By Mail:
1. COMPLETE the fillable request form and SAVE to your computer files
2. Go to the secure site:
3. Enter Contact (Requestor’s) Name, Phone Number and Email Address
4. In the DDD SU Unit dropdown menu, please select “Request Tier”
5. Browse your computer files and UPLOAD the saved Form
6. Click Submit Tier Assignment Request
NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities
PO Box 726
Trenton, NJ 08625-0726

Please note: due to the high volume of assessments being conducted, we expect it may take 60 – 90 days from completion of the NJ CAT in order for an individual to access this tiering information.