ABCD is supporting the position of The Alliance Center for Independence, NJ

ABCD is supporting the position of The Alliance Center for Independence, NJ (ACI) and other collaborating agencies, including Liberty Resources in Philadelphia and Not Dead Yet, for a demonstration against Professor Singer at Princeton University, June 10, 2015 beginning at noon. We ask that you send this flyer to families, providers and people supported to unite as one disability community that day to express our outrage over Singer’s comments. Here is the official statement from the National Council on Disability that was issued April 24, 2015:


The following is a statement on behalf of the National Council on Disability.

On Sunday April 16, contentious Princeton Professor Peter Singer, once again argued that it is “reasonable” for the government or private insurance companies to deny treatment to infants with disabilities. Singer’s remarks were made on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” which is broadcast on New York’s AM 970 and Philadelphia 990 AM. 

In the interview, which was ironically conducted as part of a press tour Singer is currently on promoting his new book about charities, “The Most Good You Can Do: How Effective Altruism Is Changing Ideas About Living Ethically,” the professor advocated the shocking claim that health care laws like the Affordable Care Act should be more overt about rationing and that we should acknowledge the necessity of “intentionally ending the lives of severely disabled infants.”

The group is meeting JUNE 10, 2015 at the Princeton Train Station at 12:00 noon. It is approximately 1 mile to the campus, so if you are unable to walk/roll, you may meet us at Princeton University/Palmer Square at 1:00 PM. From there we will be walking to the dean’s office on campus. The University is on an Access Link Route.

Bring hand made signs, placards and your outrage! Hand-held signs cannot be attached to sticks or similar objects.

This Coalition Demands that:

  • Princeton call for Singer’s resignation and publicly denounces his comments.
  • Princeton hires a bioethicist from the disability community in a comparable position to provide a platform for views that contrast with his.
  • Princeton creates its own disability policy program to educate future leaders on an inclusive community.


A message from Alan Holdsworth:

Disabled kids are a burden, aren’t they’? Wouldn’t it be great to find an ethical excuse to get rid of them’? Not only are they a burden to you, but also to the health care and welfare systems of America. Maybe parents and doctors should just kill disabled babies for the greater good, which means saving money so we can all go to the beach …. without our kids! After all, why should non-disabled persons living in a non-disabled world with non-disabled kids pay for those people’?

The fewer disabled people there are the more resources there should be for the healthy children. Why spend money on disabled children when we could spend it on healthy ones’? Don’t you and the health care system have a moral responsibility to kill your kid’?

This is the mantra of Peter Singer, tenured Ethics Professor at Ivy League Princeton University. See his recent statements and judge for yourself. Singer has a long history of this form of discussion in educating the future leaders of not only the U.S. but students around the world.

Meanwhile disabled advocates and family advocates have no place in the Ivy League! If nothing changes, the future is Ivy League means the future is death. If you disagree with Singer and think your disabled children’s lives are worth living, then join us at the protest.

CLICK HERE for printable flyer